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Welcome to our wonderful world of mysteries!!  We are super excited to bring you a Mystery Dragon of the Month!! Every month for the 2024 year we will print a random Dragon for the month that we have not posted for sale on our site yet. These Dragons will come in a random color thats chosen as we pull supplies every month.  It will be a multicolor filament, but no color choices will be allowed. It will also come in it's own egg, to keep the element of surprise the egg may be decieving or it may match. only time will tell. Dragons will change on the 1st of every month. Ex: Order Feb 29th you'll recieve the February Dragon,  Order March Fisrt you will get the March Dragon.  If you don't wanna miss one then make sure you subscribe! 

                               *All Mystery Dragons Size atleast 1 Foot in length*


Things to know:

1. We are going to limit our mystery dragons to 50 units per month starting out to allow us to keep up with our current demand for other items we offer.  


2. Mystery Dragons may ship thruout the month as they are completed however we would like to ship them all at one time during the last week of the month to keep them a surprise. if you have not recieved your dragon by the 5th of the next month please let us know. 


3. If you subscribe to the Mystery Dragons you will be billed every month via your chosen payment method. this will run for 11 months Feb-Dec. 

Monthly Mystery Dragon! Feb-DEC

PriceFrom $30.00
Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
One-time purchase
Mystery Dragon Sub
Subscribe and save $5 a month
$30.00every month for 11 months
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