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Now introducing the Model X3 Station! From the X series Designed by Mystic Mesh 3D


The X-Series is a collection of premium dab station designs that are assembled using custom silicone made from 3D printed molds.


Key features of the Model X3 Station:

- Rectangle silicone mat

- Two silicone dishes for cooling down and organizing terp pearls / carb caps

- Small silicone mat that can be used as a concentrate catcher for tools on the rack

- 3X tool rack

- 10/14mm silicone insert for bangers / bowl pieces

- Storage area for cotton swabs, pens, extra tools, etc.


Drawer upgrade attachment (Optional add on see other listing):

- 4x silicone dishes for terp pearls

- 3x silicone mats for carb caps

Model X3 Dab Station Only

Excluding Sales Tax
Silicone Color
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