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This Modular Gaming Table is exactly what you need for all your gaming needs!

This is the Standard Table that measures 24' x 32' and it comes with a Dice Tower and Component Cups, all storage components, rails, legs, as well as their compatible tiles! Just slide the pieces together, lock them in place and then set it on top of your current table, bed or even the floor! Beef up the man cave or make puzzle building easier, or maybe use it for a multi tiered dinner? Maybe not the last one, but this Table is versatile and won't let you down!

what you'll get:


frame locks=48

tile locks=62

play tiles=12


rails -straight=10

rails corner=4

storage components for all pieces= 6 assembled/8 not assembled

choose 3 colors for your table to be built in: 1 for rails, 1 for tiles, and an accent color to tie everything together. **If no colors are chosen a standard black and white option will be set out.

NOTE: These take approximately 12 days or so to print. And are only available on a pre order basis.

**Prints are made to order in the order they are received. we strive to get everything out as fast as possible. please keep this is mind when Etsy estimates your shipping and delivery times. items will be undated as things are shipped out.

DISCLAIMER: This is printed using PLA, meaning that it should not be left in direct sunlight and exceedingly hot environments i.e. a car. This can cause warping do to subtle melting of the material! Please note that 3D printed items are effectively handcrafted and may come with some minor imperfections or cosmetic blemishes. This is normal and does not affect functionality.

*Small parts could be a choking hazard, therefore should be kept away from children.

**Disclaimer: Due to the randomization of 3D printing Prints will be of requested colors however if the request is of a multi colored material ie rainbow or two tone we cannot guarantee the colors in certain spots the machine melts it down and it comes out in different patterns on each run.

I have a commercial license with GutShotGames via their Kickstarter project StageTop: The 3D Printed Gaming Table.

This model was design by GutShotGames and is printed on Bambu X1C


Official Reseller

ID: E85AC82F56 via MMF

StageTop 3D Printed Modular Gaming Table | Board Game RPG Fantasy

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