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Are you a fan of video games? do you want your very own character brought to life for your display. Well here you go. Have fun and design a character that you love. this ceation offer many choice to truely make it a one of a kind piece. This one is about half the size of the other one. makes him a bit easier to place on desks. However if you wanna cover your desk look at the 200% scale. 


What you'll get:

One character color designed by you and printed by us. 

Choices you'll need to make:

Body color- the blue in photos

Face, Hands, Feet, Brow, chest, ears color- the gray parts in photos

tie color- Plurple in photos

Inner eye color- the white in photos.

outter eye- This is blue in photos but can be changed if you don't want it to match thte body. 


DK model Regular 100% scale

Excluding Sales Tax
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