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Pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating never looked so good together. This pumpkin looks really defiant, but it’s actually very sweet inside. I mean, only as sweet as the candies you store in it. Color options available in #1-45 as seen in pictures above as well as in all Primary colors I;ve listed some already However if you would like something specific please let us know. 



Here's what's included in each order:

One Pumkin bowl of your choice:

large-color choice
medium-color choice
 small-color choice

this item is printed out of PLA Multicolor. PLA is environmentally friendly plastic biodegradable locally sourced for friendly toys and home decor items.  

Colors are available, you can request a Prefered color on your order and I will make it that color if possible. if not I will message you with options. Each item is made after orders are confirmed. Due to the customization of these items please allow 1 to two days for the making + shipping time. usually these can be done in a reasonable time, but I want to be upfront with productions. 

Multi color prints that use multicolor filament does not cost extra.EX: rainbow pre wound filament or two toned filament.  

Designs that request multiple colors of different filaments will cost a bit more. EX: a request that has only certain parts certain colors and the rest of the design is a standard color. think of a painting. 

**Disclaimer: Due to the randomization of 3D printing Prints will be of requested colors however if the request is of a multi colored material ie rainbow or two tone we cannot guarantee the colors in certain spots the machine melts it down and it comes out in different patterns on each run.

**Prints are made to order in the order they are received. we strive to get everything out as fast as possible. please keep this is mind when Etsy estimates your shipping and delivery times. items will be undated as things are shipped out.

** photos represent examples of the product you will receive. Each product goes through a quality check before being shipped to you! Any item that is not of a high quality standard will not be shipped.

Melting Pumpkin Candy Bowl

PriceFrom $20.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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