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Introducing OMNI- the ultimate 3D printable display system that will elevate your premium miniatures, board games, and all your prized collectibles to new heights! With its fully modular design, you can easily create a customized display case of any size by adding individual height, width, or depth pieces. Engineered with maximum versatility in mind, Omni boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic that willimpress visitors and fit into any space.


Assembling your perfect display is a breeze - simply use glue and the built-in peg hole system or common fasteners that are included.


What you'll get Omni of your chosen size, shelves 3d printed or acrylic, one color choiceoptional add ons:themed optionsHex displaysStand and so much more.I am an authorized reseller of OMNI Display systems: RF3D_OM23J



Disclaimer***OMNI's are made to order please allow 1-2 weeks for the item to ship.

Modular Display Shelving

PriceFrom $180.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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