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Do you need a place to hide or stow things? if so then this is exactly what you need. Just in time for spooky season. This fun and creative Zombie Storage mushroom will have you finding excuses to use it! coins, dice, herbs, teas, etc.  Plus it's customizable to your color preferences. make it you own as these are made to order in about 1-2 days. The only limit is your imagination. So what will it be?


what you'll get:


1. grinder complete with magnets to hold in place. 


The color choices you will have. 

1. Pick your Zombie mushroom  Face/bottom color

2. Chose the main color of your Mushroom Head (top)

3. Chose an inner eye color 

4. choose a Dot color ( you'll get three dots)

5. Choose a second dot color( you'll get three dots)


* due to the way 3D printing works we cannot gaurantee a multicolor filaments prints in a certain order. only that the color will be in that part. 

Zombie Mushroom Stash container

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